• Twinkle Fairy Castle Toddler Bed

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    A toddler bed for girls, this toddler bed is pink in colour and designed to look like a fairy castle with pink wood frame and a headboard and a foot board that have castle bricks painted on them and a window cut out in the headboard, toddler beds are your little girls first bed after a cot and have high sides as toddlers worry they will roll out of a normal bed as it has no sides like a cot to stop them falling so the high sides on this bed provide that comfort.

    Whilst the bed is low to the ground as toddlers fear if they do fall out they will hurt themselves because they are so high up so the height allays that fear, the bed is available with your choice of coil, spring and comfort mattress and is delivered for home assembly or will be assembled by the delivery team at your request.