• Rainbow Star Rug - Large

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    A cream coloured rug with yellow, orange, purple, red, blue and green coloured stars, it's perfect for the hall when children are putting on their shoes so they can sit on the rug or kneel onĀ  the rug as they put their shoes on, its much nicer than putting your shoes on a cold and hard floor or use the rug in your child's bedroom for getting dressed on in the cold mornings when you step out of bed onto a cold floor.

    Ideal as a baby changing rug where you have lots of space to change baby and kinder on Mummy's knees than kneeling on the floor and then after changing baby can crawl on a warm and soft rug in complete safety, take the rug with you in the boot of your car when you know your be changing baby on floors you can't guarantee to be clean.