• Horizontal Unit 6 Drawer

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    A large six drawer unit that has six separate drawers side by side and is perfect against a wall as a bench seat with storage, the six drawers are juts perfect for storing shoes or clothes as you can sit on the bench and fasten your shoes or just play with the toys or read a book that you have stored in the drawers, the drawers are made fro canvas and have brown handles which pull out easily.

    As the canvas drawers are lightweight children won't hurt themselves pulling out a heavy drawer and with the large handles you can carry the storage drawers with you if for example your using them to store Lego or crayons or marbles or a train set or other toys that you would want to take with you into another room. The canvas drawers are available in a wide range of colours from pink, blue, black, cream, green, yellow and spotted, pastel or striped.