• Dotty Dolls House Toddler Bed

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    A first bed for your little girl, its shaped like a dolls house so is sure to impress and has high sides and low height so toddlers who have recently left the cot won't be concerned that they will fall out of the toddler bed, because they can't as the high sides will hold them in or that they would hurt themselves if they fell, they won't as the bed is close to the ground.

    The bed has both a headboard and a foot board that have a angled roof which is painted pink to represent a dolls house, below the pink roof is a white wall with a pastel blue window cut into both the headboard and the foot board, there's a choice of coil, spring and comfort mattress with this toddler bed for your child. There's even an under bed storage drawer for storing toys and clothes under the bed in two separate drawers which matches the dolls house bed.