• Columbus Chest Of Drawers (3 Drawer)

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    A solid oak wood chest of drawers with three large drawers with elegant pewter handles on the drawers and a varnish finish which shows the oak wood and wood grain off at its best, the oak wood has a medium brown colour and there's a large flat top on the chest of drawers so as well as storing clothes and toys in the drawers you can put books or more toys on the top of the chest of drawers.

    Or how about a TV for the bedroom, its at the right height to give a good view of the TV screen from all around the room. The chest of drawers have safety stops on the drawers so children can't pull out the drawers all the way and have the drawer fall on top of them and the chest of drawers has great stability too with the legs down low so that even with all the drawers open at the same time the chest of drawers won't tip over.