• Brighton Tallboy

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    A large chest of drawers in a beautiful cream colour, the chest of drawers is made from wood and features pewter handles on the top two wooden drawers beneath which are four beautiful rattan baskets these woven baskets are a rich dark brown in colour and contrast beautifully with the cream of the wood, the tallboy is made from very strong wood and has thick wooden legs with the baskets extending close to the ground for a low centre of gravity that makes this chest of drawers very stable.

    The rattan drawers are lightweight and children won't hurt themselves if they pull the drawer out on themselves, use the tallboy in your child's bedroom for storing clothes or toys or on the landing for storing laundry or towels or in the bathroom where the rattan drawers are far more tolerant of moisture than other types of drawer, store towels and bathroom products on the tallboy with six drawers your certainly have lots of storage space.