• Blackboard Play Table

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    A children's play table and chair set which is designed for a children's size, the table is white in colour and made of wood, its a solid table with four strong wooden legs and comes with two chairs one coloured red and one blue, these chairs are made of wood and have a strong backrest for encouraging good posture when your children sit down, the chairs are strong enough that adults can perch themselves on the end of the chairs too, but obviously they are a child's size.

    The white wooden play table has a pull out panel built into the tabletop, on one side of the panel is a white colour matching the tabletop and on the other side of the panel is a blackboard surface for using chalks to write and draw with, under the panel are two storage drawers inside the desk which is the perfect place to keep chalks or paints or other craft supplies that you would like to use with the play table.