• Abbeville Storage Shelf Unit

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    A bookcase with drawers is what you get with this white coloured unit, its made from wood and has a long bookcase shelf at the top and three smaller open shelves at the bottom for mixing books and toy storage, ideal for a small bedroom where you need a storage system that can be used for storing many different things from books, toys, games and clothes.

    On the top bookshelf your find the bookshelf has a back and sides so books won't fall off the sides or down the back of the unit and its ideal for the storage of children's books or toys and because its a long shelf you can place tall books on their side. In the open compartment shelves below the main bookshelf you can use these canvas drawers that you can see in the picture, these drawers are available in a range of colours so you can customise the unit for a boys or a girls room.