• 20-In-1 Games Table - Including All Accessories

    20-In-1 Games Table - Including All Accessories Buy Now at Amazon

    The children won't get bored with this twenty in one games table, the table is made from wood and includes games such as pool, table football, poker and many more for the pool table you get a luxury green felt with pool cues, pool balls and pool triangle and for table football you simply change the table top (which are all supplied) for the table football table with its football team on poles, goals and football ball and for the poker table your enjoy playing cards on the green baize which is also included you get cards and dice and all the accessories to play all twenty games.

    Just for poker alone your be playing poker on a lovely wooden poker table with green felt that you would expect to pay many more times than the price of this all in one games table and you would only get the one game with this multi game table you have twenty games to choose from.